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Mather Results: Sarah Curci breaks 20 yr. old Course Record!

Congratulations to the Cross Country teams for their great meet at Mather on Tuesday. The girls were 2nd behind Whitney Young out of 13 schools. The boys finished 6th . Sarah Curci broke a 20 year old course record running 11:36 for 2 miles. Sherry Fu also bettered the 12 minute mark going 11:58 for 4th place. Julia Baird was 11th in 13:02. For the boys Robert Meyer led the way in 10:19 followed by Ben Bucheim Jurisson and Thomas Aquino in 10:32 and 10:33. U High runs again Saturday at the Loyola Lakefront Invitational. Team results are as follow: Girls: WYoung- 26, U HIgh- 64, Mather- 92, Payton-135, Lane-157, NSCD-158, Morgan P-218, Taft- 224, Shurz-249,Von St-253, CJewishHS-291,Curie-295 Boys: Matehr-53, W Young-67, Northridge-109, Parker-112, Lane-130, U High- 133, Curie-208, C Jewish-232, … Full Results are at http://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=19665#16244
Bud James


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